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The Perfect Poker Game: Does It Exist?
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Can i play poker perfect? This question is asked by many beginner (and not only) players, because at first it seems that poker is ...

Preflop game: strategy tips at the start of the hand
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Poker can seem like an extremely difficult game, given the large number of variables that should be kept in mind in any situation. But...

9 tips to instantly improve your game
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Any experienced poker player will say that there are few things more nervous and unpredictable than a beginner's game. And this is not surprising, because the overwhelming ...

Let's go to All-in: how to put everything right
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Developing a strategy for playing all-in poker is not an easy task for a poker player. There are two main mistakes that make almost everything ...

Starting hands in poker: things to remember before the flop
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The chart of starting hands when playing poker allows you to determine which cards it makes sense to play in a particular case. Of course, there are different ...

TRP Poker Secrets
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Poker has been played for a long time, but the invention of the last fifty years, the TRP strategy, has become a real revolution. This is a unique solution for ...

Emotions in poker: how to recognize and successfully deal with tilt
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Tilt in poker is one of the main reasons for the big losses at the tables. Novice players are easily influenced by negative emotions, ...

Poker alphabet: what are the benefits of an ABC strategy?
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Every beginner who is just starting to play poker is very attracted to the ABC strategy. What is the advantage of using this game ...

What is bluffing and how to correctly use it in poker?
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Bluffing in poker is a special technique at the gaming table when one player forces another to exit the game. It is based on a peculiar ...

How to start playing poker - training
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School of Poker is a necessary stage in a career for every novice player. It is at the beginning of the path that you should familiarize yourself with the main ...

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