Knowing the Texas Hold'em poker seniority and the rules for making hands will help you achieve great success in your poker career and win consistently.

Holdem is played with a 52-card deck, allowing for many variations of 5-card hands. If we remove combinations of equal strength, the number of options for assembling hands decreases thousands of times.

List of combinations

poker combinations table

Royal flush

The strongest winning set of five suited cards lined up in order from ten to ace is TJQKA.

Royal flush

Regardless of the method of making such a combination, the poker player always wins.

Straight flush

5-card assembly of the same suit in two ranks: 45678 and 89TJQ. The ace comes in two ranks: high and low. In the first case, the ace closes the assembly and forms the Royal Flush.

Straight flush

At a low rank, a sequence up to Five is formed, resulting in a Straight Flush. It is prohibited to use both combinations simultaneously.


4 pictures of the same rank plus one of the highest unused cards.

Of four of a kind in poker

The strength of the hands depends on the value of the square. Composition options: one, two pockets or completely on the board.

Full house

Other names are Boat, Full House or Full Boat. A combination of three cards of one denomination and two pictures of another denomination.

For example: 44466 or JJJQQ.

Full house


An assembly consisting of five consecutive cards of the same suit. In Holdem, several poker players can make such a combination. The highest card in the assembly determines the seniority. If the high ranks have become common, the comparison is carried out using the cards of a lower denomination. Equal hands can only be made on the board.

poker flush


A collection of five cards of different suits, but consecutive at face value. Ranks 2 to 10 are in continuous numerical order. The sequence corresponds to the seniority in the deck - JQK.

straight in hold'em

Quite often, opponents reveal several Straights of different strengths in Hold'em. The seniority is determined by the trailing oldest picture.


This is a combination of three symbols of the same value and two additional ones (of the highest rank from those unused in the construction of the alignment).

poker threesome

The layout can be of three options:

  • Troika - suitable for any type of assembly;
  • Set (Set) - when collecting two pocket cards were used;
  • Thrips - one pocket took part in the formation.

Two pairs

This is an assembly of two groups of cards that are paired in value and a fifth that differs in rank. The spread weight is determined by the highest pair. If the high pairs are equal, compare on the low pair.

Two pairs


This is the smallest combination in terms of strength, but it brings the greatest profit to the player, since it is often played (more than 50% hands) and dropped out.

The higher the denomination, the older the Pair will be. The most valuable are paired cards and Aces. Cards that do not fall into these categories are not included in poker hands, but in some rooms they are called Chances.

Rules for making combinations in Holdem

All combinations are made up of Board and two pockets (starting cards):

Board - these are community cards that are laid out on the table at the end of the bidding at each stage:

  • Flop - the first 3 preflop.
  • Turn - one on the flop.
  • River is the last on Tern. If the opponents equal on the River, the cards are revealed.

In the course of each distribution, the strength of the combination can increase - the Pair can go to Three or Four of a Kind.

Compilation rules:

  • To draw up the strongest hand, you can use any 5 cards out of 7;
  • 2, 3 and 4-card builds are complemented by the strongest 5 picture available;
  • The poker player can use one, two starting hands or just the board to assemble;
  • Until the showdown (the last stage of the deal), the strength of the hand is not taken into account.

Knowing all possible combinations and the rules for their composition, you can easily determine the seniority in Texas Hold'em poker and make the right decision in the game.