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Category: Poker strategies and rules

Texas Hold'em Poker Seniority - List of Hands and Rules
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Knowing the Texas Hold'em poker seniority and the rules for making hands, you will achieve great success in your poker career and will ...

Poker hands - rules of composition and seniority
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

A poker hand is a set of cards that a poker player compiles during a deal. Each player's task is to form ...

Weak, medium and strong poker hands
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Strong poker hands don't always determine the outcome of a game. The probability of winning is influenced by various factors - the ability to bluff, ...

Calling bets on the River with Pot odds
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

To see when you made a Call River by pot odds, open Holdem Manager and sort your played hands by flat river. You will immediately see ...

Tips for using blockers when playing poker
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Blockers are your starting cards that fall within your opponent's outs range. As a result, the opponent's chances of strengthening the draw are ...

Why calculate the mathematical expectation in poker
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

The expected value is the average benefit of a given poker action. If it is positive, then the move will lead you to victory ...

Game analysis - how to achieve poker success
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

If you want to build a successful poker career, you need to conduct a competent and constant analysis of your game. There are three proven and ...

Winner psychology - player emotions and actions
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

The psychology of a poker winner helps each player improve their online poker game. Characteristics of each poker player in the game ...

How to build and manage your bankroll
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Building a bankroll is one of the most important aspects of playing poker. Monitoring his condition will help to avoid large losses during ...

The Perfect Poker Game: Does It Exist?
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Can i play poker perfect? This question is asked by many beginner (and not only) players, because at first it seems that poker is ...

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