Despite the dark, if not black, band in which they have lately been, 888poker continue to radiate optimism and believe in the future. In any case, this is precisely the impression that the G8s have been active in introducing innovations and updating their software.

One of such innovative moves was the launch of a new tournament concept, which implies a room refusal from rake. On March 24, a special tab called Rake or Brake appeared in the 888poker lobby, and the transition through it just takes the player to a new world where there is no rake.

True, this happens only when the amount of funds contributed by players for participating in a particular tournament is equal to or exceeds the originally designated “eights”, and the latter calmly return to the players a part of their money that would go to rake. If this does not happen, the financial relationship between 888poker and their users will switch to a new mode.

Its essence is that in the next tournament with the same parameters, a guarantee appears that is higher by 10% than if it were a regular tournament with the usual “eights” rake. Well, after it is played, everything starts a new way: a fixed prize, a buy-in and, if successful, a rake return.

So far, the new system works in tournaments with participation fees from 55 to 320 dollars. However, as the demand for Rake or Brake is studied, 888poker promise to make corresponding changes in other events, where the buy-in is more democratic and accessible to a wider circle of their users.