During the one and a half years during which Stars Rewards has been working at PokerStars (the so-called room loyalty program), the operator has gathered enormous empirical material to determine the vector of further development of promotional areas. And I must say that the room has already taken care of this sufficiently, because for the current year a whole

The first thing PokerStars decided to do was more than double the ratio of Stars Rewards to rake money. If earlier these points were awarded on a one-to-one-cent basis, from February 15, players will receive only 45 points for every dollar or euro.

True, this innovation will only affect MTT tournaments - in all other formats, users will still receive one hundred points per dollar (or euro). According to Severin Russet, the head of poker innovation at PokerStars, this will affect the interests of an exceptionally small circle of players, but will make it possible to make more guaranteed prize pools in tournaments for all other categories of players. In particular, it is planned to increase the size of guarantees for events such as the Winter Series, as well as COOP, Sunday Millions and others.

Thus, due to playing in MTT tournaments, it is planned to attract more participants to other formats. This is not the best PokerStars solution, however, it is dictated by an urgent need. Moreover, the room has something to sweeten this pill.

The same Russet announced other changes to Stars Rewards. So, the cost of the chest will increase three times, which will now drop out three times less, and the chests themselves can be exchanged at any time - without waiting for the end of the booster pass.

Accordingly, the yellow bar of its progress will be removed, and users will only have to follow the green one, which displays the accrual of ordinary points. In addition, the rules for moving through the levels of chests will undergo a change - they will be presented in a more accessible and understandable language.

It is expected that all these innovations will be introduced this year. This is fully consistent with the essence of the announced year of PokerStars changes, which are designed to strengthen the position of the room and not only save, but also increase the audience of users. I want to believe that the “stars” will succeed, and even cutting the rake will not cause the outflow of players.