In the city of Kiev, from September 13 to 22, a new tournament series PokerMatch UA Millions was organized, and during it the participants were able to compete for a large total fund of 400 thousand dollars. One of the key and most interesting tournaments was the so-called Katchalov Heads-Up Challenge, where it was possible to play heads-up poker room ambassador Evgeni Kachalov in heads-up.

The winner of this event was held in heads-up with Kachalov, where he could win an additional 2 thousand dollars for knocking out this poker player.

The tournament was attended by 64 people who were able to collect together a prize pool of up to $ 4850. The prizes were eventually taken by 8 people, which also included Olga Ermolcheva with a win of $ 1,060. Aleksey Durnev also took part in the tournament, but still he could not reach the prize zone.

Double heads up

Poker players Corky Butchek and Maxim Klopotok got into heads-up and immediately decided to share a deal together. After that, Maxim eventually managed to win against his opponent, thanks to which he was able to go to the next heads-up, where he was already playing with the famous professional Yevgeny Kachalov.

Maxim even managed to increase his stack several times, but nevertheless Eugene constantly maintained his status as a chip leader during the whole heads-up. At the very end of the heads-up Klopotok decided to push with a pair of fives, after which Evgeny called him with suited 10s and 9. As a result, the board showed a pair of aces, a pair of fives and a jack, which is why the extra prize went to Maxim.