Ukrainian poker room PokerMatch launches new tournament games Sit & Go Pyramid, which will use a special system with different levels. Here, users can go through one of 17 different levels, with entry fees starting from one hryvnia and ending with a thousand hryvnias. The winners of these tournaments, along with their winnings, will receive passes to the next levels.

So, for example, if a user enters the eighth level of this game for 50 hryvnias and wins, he will get one hundred hryvnias, as well as driving to the next ninth level for 70 hryvnias.

This format of Sit & Go tournaments will be organized in a 4-max format with levels that last five minutes each time until the next blind change. After winning the tournament, the player will not immediately be registered for the next game at a new level, since the user can apply this ticket independently at any other time.

How to get to the new freeroll?

In the period from August 19 to August 31, a special campaign will work here for those players that will ever made their deposits. They can deposit 250 hryvnias or more into their account, adding a special all-in code, for which you can get a ticket to a special freeroll with a total fund of five thousand hryvnias.

Under the terms of this freeroll, all participants here constantly go all-in until the final winner is found. In this case, the total win will be divided into 16 places as follows:

  • The main winner will take 1250 hryvnia;
  • The player in second place will receive 750 hryvnia;
  • Next, the players on the third and fourth lines will pick up 500 hryvnia;
  • Participants from fifth to eighth places will receive 200 hryvnia;
  • Finally, those players who get to 9-16 places will win 150 hryvnia.