Among the many bookmakers that are present on the interactive betting market in Russia, a rather vast niche is occupied by offshore bookmakers. Despite the prohibition of their activities, many players continue to bet on the outcome of sporting events on these game resources. The customers of the blue bookmaker Fonbet, which is one of the illegal market operators, are in a similar situation. How do players manage to take part in the gameplay? How do Fonbet clients manage to get around the official site blocking and bet?

What to do if access to Fonbet is limited

The main way to bypass the lock

An official ban on carrying out activities in the market of interactive rates does not mean a complete cessation of the office. Naturally, in the jurisdiction where the activities of the bookmaker are prohibited, access to the official site is closed. However, instead of their site, illegal bookmakers use alternative web pages as the main working platform. In other words, the client is invited to use the working mirror to interact with the bookmaker official site. What is a working mirror?

The technology is quite simple and efficient. A site blocked by providers has a specific email address in the .com domain zone. This address is included in the list of banned Internet resources. Access to it is blocked.

The way out was simple. It is enough to change the URL - the address of the main page, i.e. register a site in another domain zone. A new email address (link) allows you to access the gaming platform of the bookmaker. Such a web page with a modified email address is called a working mirror. Naturally, the existence of an alternative site will soon be revealed and its work will be closed, however, while it works, players can fully use it to make a bet.

Where to find a Fonbet mirror

The working mirror is an exact copy of the official website of the Fonbet sportsbook. Using this mirror, you can fully participate in the game, have access to your personal account, place bets in prematch and Live mode, view statistics on your own bets, replenish your account and withdraw winnings received. The mirror will be relevant until it is identified and blocked. However, he will be replaced by a new mirror, a new alternative site that provides customers with all the necessary package of services.

You can find a working mirror on partner resources (for example, on this page on, through a search in browsers. The best option to get an up-to-date link to a new working mirror is to make a request to the technical support service of the bookmaker. An answer will be sent to the request, which will contain a link to the current working mirror.

Other ways to access the site of an illegal bookmaker

In those cases where the search for the current working mirror is tiresome, bettors can try to access the Fonbet BC gaming platform using other methods. Effective ways to access the official website of the bookmaker or the main gaming platform are as follows:

  • Use the FonWinClient client application. Thanks to this application, you don’t have to worry at all for accessing the blue Fonbet gaming platform. It is enough to get to the official site once and download the necessary program. In the future, the entire game process will be carried out only through this program;FonWinClient to bypass Fonbet lock
  • use the capabilities of mobile applications for betting. The offshore bookmaker Fonbet has a complete set of necessary distributions for customer service. On the office website (working mirror) you can find the necessary application for gadgets based on Android, iOS or for mobile gadgets under JAVA;
  • to gain access to the blocked bookmaker site, you can use special extensions that use VPN servers;
  • independently change the settings of the DNS server, confusing all the cards to the provider that supplies the Internet.

All these methods work and allow you to access the blocked pages of the offshore bookmaker "Fonbet". Of all the above, the most popular way is to play through a current mirror. Unlike mobile applications, where the bookmaker's offer format is limited, the alternative site provides the client with a full-fledged gaming product. No visual restrictions. The mirror’s functionality works as usual, allowing you to replenish your account, withdraw funds in the usual way, and place bets on sports in any of the selected formats. However, we recommend using only legal bookmakers working through First Tsupis. So, you can save extra nerves and money!