Mirror Titan Poker is the fastest way to access the website of the room if the main page is blocked. In this article, we will explain in more detail why mirrors are created and how the system of clone sites works, what can be done on mirrors and what other ways to bypass blocking are available to all poker players.

What is a mirror?

Mirror is a duplicate of the main site, which opens for some countries. These are countries where the resource of the room is blocked. And on the mirror Titan Poker players will be able to:

  • Go through the registration. You can create a new profile to start the game on the site;
  • Download software. The room has clients for mobile and computers - they can be downloaded without problems through special sections on the site;
  • Start the game through the browser version. In the room you can play directly through the browser - for this you only need to enter a username and password;
  • Read the latest room news. On the mirror you can find out about new promotions and software updates, additional gaming tables and recent tournaments;
  • Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It is important to know your rights, as you will keep money in your account in the room. You can re-read them on the mirror again.

How the mirror system works

Titan Poker has more than one mirror - there are many sites that every player can visit. The fact is that clone sites are also calculated by the authorities and blocked: and players again can not access the resource. To avoid such problems, the room launches several mirrors at once.

Now, even if one of the mirrors is closed, you can switch to the other. And the administration of Titan Poker will ensure that the right number of sites remains available.

Note that the time it takes to compute a new site and block it is many times greater than the time it takes to open a new page — this is where users and developers win.

Why is the poker site blocked

Why is the poker room blocked.

You cannot enter Titan Poker from countries where online poker is prohibited. In Russia, RosKomNadzor is engaged in Internet blocking and control. They make a list of prohibited sites - providers are obliged to block them in order to legally work in the country.

But this situation was not always in the country - as early as 5 years ago, everyone could safely play poker online. Now this can only be done using tricks to bypass the block.

How else can you get around the Titan Poker block?

So, if you can’t find the active mirror, you can always use alternative methods to bypass the lock. Here is what you can do:

  • Use an anonymous browser. The best option is the TOR browser. When using it, you will be accessing the site through different countries - so your IP cannot be exactly identified. But because of this, the page loading speed drops somewhat;
  • Anonymizing sites. And these are separate pages that can be used as an intermediary between you and the final site. Go to the resource and enter the domain name Titan Poker in a special line. But choose only a proven resource - otherwise your data can be considered;
  • Extensions for browsers. These are separate add-ons that will help change your IP. They are not available in all browsers (it is better to use Google Chrome);
  • VPN Private virtual network - the ability to access any pages anonymously. You will need to download separate software on your computer and install it - often you need to pay for using a good VPN.

Note that most often a player only needs to go to the official website of Titan Poker - there you can immediately register and download the client. After that you can enter the lobby through software without bypassing the lock.

Therefore, the closure of the main resource is not such a strict preventive measure for playing online. It is easy to get around and you can enjoy the game in a great room.

Use the Titan Poker mirror or another way to bypass the block and go into the lobby of the room in a few minutes!