Freeroll Poker gives all players the opportunity to take part in free tournaments without making a deposit. With a zero balance, you can earn good money with subsequent withdrawal from the room.

Another advantage of the game series is that you can compete with poker pro players, gain good experience and improve your level.

Play without buy-in

There are freerolls in almost any prestigious room, but to visit most of them you will need a password.

The secret code is required to calibrate users in order to gather participants of about the same level and equalize their chances of winning at the gaming table.

Many people get access to freerolls for registering in the room, making the first deposit.

Play without buy-in

Also, the password makes it possible to visit one of the free tournaments after receiving a secret combination on another resource, subject to certain conditions of the partner of the poker room website.

Private freerolls are much better than public series - you will have fewer opponents and more experienced players, which will make the game itself much more interesting.

Gaining access

There are several ways to gain access:

  1. When registering at the poker room, you indicate a valid e-mail to which the room administration periodically sends out tickets for freerolls. Perhaps you got the chance to play one of these games today.
  2. Regularly keep track of new information in the room - often generous poker players themselves lay out passwords to participate in freerolls.
  3. You can also get access from partner sites of your room in promotions.
  4. Through social networks, in which the official rooms share the coveted code combinations.

Freerolls in poker rooms

As a rule, tournament series on the best world venues are organized not by the administration, but by the partners of the room. Such tournaments are little known, therefore they are of great value for the participants.

One of the most popular is PokerArt Series. Held in many rooms without a fee and several times a week. There is a constant rating of participants, so you have the opportunity to get into the TOP of the best players and receive additional prizes.


The PokerArt Series is held in this room at 9 pm on Saturdays. The prize background is $2000. According to the ranking, the top 20 players receive entrance tickets to the prestigious tournament with a decent buy-in, and for free.

freerolls at PokerStars

In addition, each quarter, the top 5 rated participants share the amount of $ 100.


In this room, in addition to the PokerArt Series, you can take part in 15 games. The total prize fund is $ 5,000.

It also maintains a rating - at the end of the season, the best players receive good rewards.

The most popular freerolls of this room:

  • $100 Freeroll;
  • $50 Freeroll;
  • Eastern European Freeroll.


In this room you have the opportunity to take part in 26 tournaments from PokerArt. The most valuable ones are:

  • Sunday;
  • Depositors Freeroll;
  • on Wednesdays, games with a prize fund of $ 500 are held.

Participation rules

To gain access, you need to do a few things:

  1. Create an account with your preferred poker room. To do this, follow the link on the PokerArt partner site.
  2. For 888poker room members, a prerequisite for the transition to freerolls is participation in the $100 PokerArt Series Free Tournament.
  3. After completing all the steps, you will have a list of exclusive tournament series. After double-clicking, you will be redirected to the site with further instructions.

Freeroll poker gives players the opportunity to win real cash without making a deposit and become a top player.