If you've been wondering how to start playing online poker on your pc, you've come to the right place. Today we will try to answer all your questions about poker. 

Poker is currently one of the most popular games in the world. And this is quite justified, because who among us does not like to get together in an excellent company, among friends and acquaintances, and play a game of our favorite card game. But, unfortunately, not all of us can meet in reality as often as we would like, and for some this is completely impossible due to certain prohibitions on the territory of their country. So now, stop playing poker altogether? Of course not! 

We live in an age of technology and technological advancement, so these days it is easy to play games such as online poker on a pc. All that a modern player needs to connect is a laptop, desktop computer or smartphone with Internet access, and now you are sitting at your favorite poker table! 

Today we will tell you in detail about where you can play poker online, as well as how to download and install the poker room client on your computer or laptop. Today we will dive into the specifics of poker for Windows systems, namely Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows XP. 

online poker from pc

First of all, a new player needs to decide where to start playing and which poker room to choose. What is a poker room? Let's figure it out. The poker room is a kind of organization, the founders of which have created, where players from all over the world can download special software (client) and play poker with each other via the Internet. It is important to remember that only the official sites of the poker rooms offer tested, free and high-quality software without viruses, so we strongly recommend downloading only from them. 

It is also quite possible to play for free, since many rooms offer beginners no deposit bonuses to start the game, as well as freerolls - free tournaments with real winnings. 

Texas hold'em on pc

There are a huge number of different poker disciplines that you will surely have time to get acquainted with while playing. However, the most popular type of poker on the Internet and in real life is Texas Hold'em. This poker discipline is ideal for beginner poker players and is available in absolutely all rooms. Therefore, you can safely choose the room you like, download the client to your PC and start playing online poker in Russian. 

And although everyone knows that initially poker came to us from the USA, but now more than 10 percent of online poker players are players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and many other countries. Every self-respecting room appreciates it and understands the need to adapt its software for such a large audience, so most rooms support Russian. 

poker client

You can easily download the client in Russian, go to the site and register in Russian, and also contact the Russian-language support service with your problems and questions. 

To start playing poker online, you just need to choose the room you like the most, register and download the client in Russian on your PC. Each of these rooms has the right to carry out gambling activities, confirmed by an international license. You can be sure that with these frames your personal data and your money are in safe hands. 

Official client vs applications 

You may be wondering why you should download a special client to your computer and bother in some way if you can play poker online freely through an application on social networks? Yes, you're right, there is such an opportunity, but you shouldn't call it real poker. The level of players in these games is extremely low, and you are unlikely to get any idea of the actual game using these apps, let alone hone and improve your poker skills. If you want to feel like a worthy player, try your hand at different types of poker and tournaments, feel all the sweetness of real winnings, then you should download the official poker client from the poker room website.

Learn, develop, challenge yourself and compete with real opponents, then you will learn what real poker is. And all you need to do is download online poker on your pc and start playing.