In this article we will tell you about an interesting poker room PokerMaster, which takes the game of poker for money to a whole new level. The platform is more likely not a full-fledged poker room in the classical sense, but rather an application for users who themselves want to create closed tables for playing for money. And all this happens in a format convenient for most mobile.

Software Description

Unfortunately, you can only run one table per user account. But on the other hand, the resource does not limit the number of accounts that can be registered per user, to only one. A player can create up to five profiles and play simultaneously from several devices. The only limitation in terms of software is the lack of support for any statistical software, you have to rely solely on your own strengths and skills.

Most of all users come to the resource in the evening, after eight in Moscow. In general, there are a lot of relatively weak players and poker chips at the Poker Master. If you want to make money, this is a great solution. During the period of maximum congestion, the room can have up to twenty simultaneously active tables.


As we wrote above, the site can hardly be called a classic poker room. Accordingly, the rules of rake here are somewhat different from traditional resources. Each player who is out of hand is in the black, pays five percent of the money won to the account of a poker resource. If the user loses, then no additional commission will be charged from his account. It is very convenient and encourages the "losers" to sit down at new tables and play again.

Otherwise, there is no rake on the poker resource for users.

How to fund your account and withdraw money

At PokerMaster you can withdraw money and replenish your account using electronic wallets. Unfortunately, their list for Russian players looks very limited. Most often, players from CIS countries use Skrill or Neteller - the room works with them as quickly and reliably as possible. From each withdrawal of funds from the wallet, the user must pay an additional fee of 7.5% of the withdrawal amount.

You need to pay attention to the fact that playing at PokerStars is quite expensive. For your account to become truly active and suitable for cashout, you need to deposit at least one and a half thousand dollars into your account. You can use this money to buy poker chips and games. This site policy is explained by the fact that the administration wants to see only solvent traffic on the resource. A large deposit is a kind of protection against stray users.

Since this is a Chinese club, the solvency of the audience is relatively high.

Game nuances

Before you want to create an account in this site, we pay attention to certain nuances of the game, which you should definitely consider before registering:

  • This is not a poker room, but just an intermediary platform for providing online tables to the closed owners of the so-called clubs. PokerMaster itself is guaranteed to monitor only the security of financial transactions and the safety of personal data of players.
  • The game rules are monitored directly by a closed club. It is important to understand this, because if you violate your rights or deviate from the rules, you will have to contact the club itself, and not an impartial room.
  • Users from Russia may have a problem with registration and the start of the game. If you cannot create an account or cannot take a seat at a closed table, you can contact the intermediary who contacts the clubs and agrees on your membership. But such intermediaries often require an additional commission.

In general, if you are tired of the standard format of the game in the room, then the offer from PokerMaster can be very interesting and unusual.