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Month: May 2019

Overview of the PokerOk room
Pokerok   ·     ·    0

We offer a review of PokerOk - a fairly young and innovative (according to the developers) room. Although in fact the poker room is not so ...

The Perfect Poker Game: Does It Exist?
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Can i play poker perfect? This question is asked by many beginner (and not only) players, because at first it seems that poker is ...

Titan Poker Short Review
titan poker   ·     ·    0

In the poker market, Titan Poker has existed since 2005. The poker room belongs to the iPoker network, which is one of the most famous ...

Preflop game: strategy tips at the start of the hand
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Poker can seem like an extremely difficult game, given the large number of variables that should be kept in mind in any situation. But...

Full Tilt Poker Short Review
Full tilt   ·     ·    0

Among the popular rooms on the Internet, Full Tilt Poker holds a special place. This room appeared in 2004, for a long time it remained the main place ...

PokerMaster: a review of the poker room for money
Poker master   ·     ·    0

In this article we will tell you about an interesting poker room PokerMaster, which takes the game of poker for money to a whole new level. The site is more likely ...

9 tips to instantly improve your game
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Any experienced poker player will say that there are few things more nervous and unpredictable than a beginner's game. And this is not surprising, because the overwhelming ...

Let's go to All-in: how to put everything right
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Developing a strategy for playing all-in poker is not an easy task for a poker player. There are two main mistakes that make almost everything ...

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