Titan VIP Club rakeback - unique offers that are available only at Titan Poker. Without exception, all visitors to the poker room can expect to receive a fixed percentage of the rake, which is credited in cash. In addition, regulars are available to participate in the loyalty program, which is closely related to the rake system.

Unlimited Cash at Titan Poker

Titan Poker Titanium Take Off

Rakeback Unlimited is a unique program that provides players with rakeback. Weekly, you can increase the assets in the asset due to the return of the commission. The uniqueness of the program is that:

  • There are no upper and lower limits on the amounts;
  • For every 100 Titan Poker, 1$ is returned to the account.

How the Rakeback Unlimited System Works

To increase the size of the bankroll due to the return of the rake, you need:

  • Register for the Rakeback Unlimited promotion. Enter the "Cashier" section and click on the "Promotional Code" field. Enter RBWEEKLY in the column.
  • Play at cash tables. To earn Titan Points, a player must participate in tournaments and real money games. For the 1$ rake that you bring to the poker room, you will earn 20 points.
  • Summarize the week. At the end of each week, the number of points earned is summed up, after which they are converted into cash that is credited to the account.

At Titan Poker, the size of the rake is 20%, and in total with the loyalty program promotion you can return up to 40% commission to your account.

What is Titan VIP Club

VIP Club

Titan VIP Club is a loyalty program in which you can get valuable prizes. It is interconnected with the rakeback system, so success largely depends on the number of Titan Points earned. The more active the poker player is, the higher will be his status in the loyalty program. Therefore, he will be able to count on more expensive gifts from the poker room.

The essence of Titan VIP Club:

  • During a real money game, the player automatically earns Club Points and Titan Points. The former are determined in accordance with the VIP level, and the latter in accordance with the rakeback value.
  • The size of the rakeback is independent of Club Points. Earned balls play the role of currency in a poker room store. For them you can buy gifts, tickets for poker competitions or get money.
  • During the course of the game, the poker player earns Gold Coins. Points of this type can be exchanged for Titan Treasures with expensive gifts.

Within the VIP program, 6 status levels are available:

  1. Topaz;
  2. Amethyst;
  3. Emerald;
  4. Ruby;
  5. Sapphire;
  6. Diamond.

Each level has its own score factor. Therefore, the number of Club Points earned and the amount of reward depend on the player’s status. 

VIP Benefit Example

The player reaches the level of Rubin, which corresponds to a factor of 1.3. Within 7 days, the poker player earns 500 Titan Points. When you multiply points by a coefficient, it turns out that he additionally earned another 150 Titan Points. Subsequently, points can be exchanged in the internal store for various prizes. Therefore, the higher the player’s status, the faster he will begin to accumulate Titan Points.

Tiered VIP Club Rakeback - Chips Titan Pokerthat allow beginners and pros to quickly increase their bankroll.