Registering at a poker room can be more profitable if you use promotional codes Poker house. This is a special combination of symbols designed for the user to receive bonuses from the room. Novice players receive an increased cash reward. If you enter it when creating an account, you will have access to special promotions and various privileges are provided for a decent start to the game.

Before creating an account, read the correct entry instructions to receive your reward. You can refuse to enter a promotional code - the system does not consider filling this field mandatory. But skipping the code is disadvantageous for the player.

How to apply a promotional code

How to use the promo code on the PokerDom site

You must follow the correct sequence of actions in order to become the owner of special rewards. The instruction is simple:

  1. Go to the official website of Pokerdom and open the standard registration form. To register the creation of your own account, you must have an email, come up with a password.
  2. Enter the promotional code character set in the box below.
  3. If there is an error in the set, the system will refuse to load and notify about the error. If you change the incorrectly entered character will continue to enter the game room.

One person is allowed to register only one account. Attempting to create a second account using the promotional code a second time will block the user.

What gives procomode to players

Promotions for beginners are used in almost any poker room. The main task is to provide an initial advantage for a comfortable game when registering a new account.

Entering a promotional code when creating an account is absolutely safe. The user receives only benefits, losses are completely excluded. In fact, this procedure is similar to a freeroll - the opportunity to receive promotion without your own investments.

What kind of bonuses you can get does not make sense. The poker room regularly makes various changes. What will be valid at the time of registration depends on the policy of PokerCard. But bonuses are always quite significant, it is irrational to refuse them.

Most often, when registering, they give

I have the following features and privileges for a promotional code:

What gives the player the introduction of a promotional code

  1. An increase in the first deposit by one and a half times or free spins on one of the five slot machines.
  2. Access to free tournaments in Hold'em, Chinese poker and Omaha, where you can win real money.
  3. An opportunity to take part in rake races.
  4. Increased status in the VIP system.
  5. Participation in the "Freebie" loyalty program.

There are nuances: first, before registering, you must check the relevance of your promotional code. The promotion may not be valid. This is to avoid wasting your promotional code.

Important points

Finally, a few important points that must be taken into account:

  1. When entering the code, follow the register, usually it must be entered in Latin letters, in capital letters.
  2. The promo is introduced exclusively during the registration of the account, if you forgot or ignored the opportunity, it is impossible to fix it retroactively.
  3. The bonuses that are provided by the promo room supplement, and do not replace, the usual bonuses. By entering a bonus, you have nothing to lose!
  4. You can enter a promotional code from any device - PC, Android or iOS, most importantly no more than once per account and only when registering.

Follow these guidelines and enjoy the benefits of Pokerdom promo code.