Any bonus Poker house essential for new and regular players. Through promotions, the poker room attracts potential users, provides maximum comfort for those who already earn poker. The amount of the welcome bonus can reach 30,000 rubles. And this is a good start for a poker career.

Sign Up Bonus

Sign Up Bonus

To receive an initial bonus, a new player must:

  1. Go through the registration.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the “Gifts” tab.
  4. Press the activation button.
  5. In the window that opens, select a deposit.
  6. Deposit the indicated amount into a personal account.
  7. Proceed to the game.

The next step is to wager the bonus provided.

How to clear the bonus?

To clear the bonus, you must fulfill one condition. Its essence is quite simple: the loyalty points received for 3 months of the game should be 4 times the bonus. Bonus on the stock may amount to 150% of the amount deposited.

If the user has deposited 1,000 rubles into his account, he will ultimately receive 1,500 rubles. In order for the player to get the greatest bonus, he will have to replenish the balance by 20,000 rubles. 

The bonus amount will be received only after full wagering. The bonus cannot be cashed out in parts - it can be withdrawn only immediately, or the amount will “burn out”. You can see the progress in the "Bonuses" tab, it is located in the "Cashier" section.

Other shares

Popular freebie action on poker

In addition to the welcome bonus, Pokerdom provides the opportunity to participate in other promotions. Today, the Freebie reward program is particularly popular. Reward - cashback and ticket for the Windfall tournament. A player with a set of the next rank gets them. In addition, additional payments arrive at the end of each week. 

You can also note other bonus offers:

  1. Bad Beat Jackpot. Losing a showdown with a certain combination at the Bad Beat Hold'em tables entails receiving 30% from the current jackpot;
  2. The road to the billion. To find out the conditions for drawing the main prize, you need to regularly go to the gaming lobby.

Important Nuances

It can no longer be obtained

Today, the promotion providing for a no deposit bonus is no longer valid.

To put money into a personal account for the first time, the user must confirm the specified email address. Full verification will have to go through the players who decided to put the winnings on the cashout.

Deposit bonus (multiplying the deposit amount by 150%) is given only once. If several accounts have been created from one computer, the administration may suspect the IP owner of fraud. This can lead to their complete blocking.

Payouts are made in tournament money. To transfer the full amount you need to make a deposit and play for real money. In this case, the generated commission should be at least 5 dollars. The list of mandatory requirements also includes confirmation of identity in the security service and verification - only under these conditions any bonus will become available by PokerCard.