Both experienced and novice players know what a handicap is in betting. The strategy allows the bettor to bet on the team that has an advantage (expressed in the number of goals scored against the opponents) over the other. The use of the handicap acts as insurance and allows the player to play it safe once again if the forces of the teams participating in the competition are on an equal footing, as well as to equalize the chances in the event of unequally distributed forces. An example of a handicap account is shown in the picture below.

What is a handicap in football? An example of a handicap on the BC 1HSTAVKA website
An example of a handicap bet in football

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Handicap types

Handicap in betting is used quite often, since it allows the bettor not so much to increase his winnings as to keep his deposit. Since football can be called one of the most predictable sports, it is football fans who are most often interested in what the handicap strategy means and how it can be used in betting. When the top lineups from each of the teams take part in the event, the results are often known in advance, since it is not so easy to predict them. Therefore, the bookmaker in such cases sets the minimum coefficient. The concept of a handicap allows you to increase the quote, which is only beneficial for the bettor.

IMPORTANT! Handicaps in betting can be divided into three types:

  • Positive. It is done in favor of the outsider - that is, how many points the winning team can win over the losing team. Usually the bet is placed on the handicap F2 (1.5) - the bet will play if the outsider loses, conceding one point, or draws.
  • Negative. On the contrary, it is done towards the leader and implies his victory with a minimum separation from the opponent. The F1 (-1.5) bet will play if the leader can win with two or more points in his favor.
  • Zero handicap. It is used in cases when the strength of the participants is approximately at the same level. Handicap F0 assumes a bet on the team that will win the match, regardless of the final score.

European handicap

European handicap it is used quite often, since it involves the use of integers - the handicap is not divided into component parts, however, it does not imply a refund if the final account is equal. The European handicap is characterized by increased odds. Consider a real-world example of a Germany vs Gibraltar match with a European handicap:

  • For example, the size of our bet is 1000 rubles. We analyze previous events and come to the conclusion that the Gibraltar team is not in the best shape, while Germany, on the contrary, is in the lead. We bet on the victory of Germany.
  • The coefficient is 1.91. Our bet will win if Germany can win by 9 points or less.
  • The size of our bet will be increased by the coefficient - this is how we find out the size of the win.

Asian handicap

Asian handicap is a handicap with a quarter - you can recognize it by the form +/- 1.25, +/- 0.75, +/- 2.25. Only a small number of bookmakers accept bets of this type - for example, BC Leon. A characteristic feature of the Asian rate is a combination of plus and minus rates, where each of them will account for exactly half. Despite the fact that the Asian rate looks rather confusing, it is not difficult to calculate it. Consider a real-world example of an Asian handicap bet used for a Valencia-Malaga (Spain) match:

  • The bet on the victory of the Valencia team with the Asian handicap was +/- 1.75, the odds were 2.91. The size of the bet, for example, is equal to 1000 rubles, the result of the match is 2: 0 in favor of Valencia.
  • The first step is to split the Asian handicap bet into two regular handicap bets: -1u5 and -2. Each of the bets accounts for exactly half of the amount, that is, 500 rubles.
  • Further, a separate calculation is made for a bet with a handicap of -2 and a bet with a handicap of -1.5.
  • As a result, the match ended with a score of 2: 0, which made it possible to receive a prize of 500/2 * 2.91 for the bet, which makes 727.5 rubles. 

The second bet with a handicap of -2 is calculated in the same way and also becomes a winning one, it is calculated with a coefficient of 1. If you calculate the winnings, you get exactly the same amount that was bet on the handicap, that is, 500 rubles.

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