The 888 poker mobile application has been developed for quite some time. And many users from the moment of its appearance switched to the game from a smartphone. And this is not surprising: after the appearance of the application, playing from the phone became as comfortable as from the client for the computer.

And here a logical question arises: what is the feature of this program? Why are so many people playing 888poker from their phone? What are its advantages?

Let's try to highlight the main advantages that make software stand out. Read 888 Poker Review

Great interface and speed

First, let's talk about the technical features of the application. Playing through it is a pleasure: you are unlikely to notice at least some malfunctions or glitches. Everything loads quickly and poker players do not need to wait a second to begin to enjoy the distribution.

It is also worth noting a nice interface: the colors chosen during the development of the client are very pleasant. It is dark blue and black in the background, with highlighted yellow buttons - a very clear, simple and harmonious color range. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why users do not get tired during a long game.

Understanding the operation of the application is very simple: everyone understands the menu and you can start the game by clicking on the smartphone screen a couple of times.

Variety of games and tournaments

Yes, often users complain that the choice of distributions is very limited in mobile versions of the room. In the case of the 888poker application, the opposite is true: you will have the opportunity to choose a table that will be of interest to you. Moreover, the differences can be according to various criteria: the size of bets, the number of players, the type of poker and other parameters to choose from.

In addition, a lot of tournaments are held in the room. And you can also participate in them from your smartphone. These are both multi-table tournaments and shorter series. There is also the opportunity to play freerolls - free tournaments with prize money in the form of real money.

Bonus system

Everyone has heard about the excellent 888 poker loyalty system and bonuses. We hasten to please you - all bonuses available in the client for PC will be valid when playing on a smartphone. That is, regardless of the selected device, you will have all the advantages.

So, for example, you can get $88 dollars by registering in the mobile version of the application. You can receive the prize in parts, playing the rake and earning room points.

You can also count on generous rewards for your first deposit, completing various missions and other actions in the poker room.

Common Pros

I would also like to highlight the advantages that are inherent in any poker application. This is, first of all, mobility - you can enjoy your favorite game anywhere. The main thing is to have an internet connection.

Another advantage is the ability to concentrate more on the game. When all your attention is on the smartphone screen, you will not be distracted by messages on social networks, or by watching videos on Youtube.

Considering all the advantages, we advise you to install the 888 poker mobile application so that playing at tables will bring you even more profit and pleasure. Do not waste time in vain!