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Month: November 2018

TRP Poker Secrets
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Poker has been played for a long time, but the invention of the last fifty years, the TRP strategy, has become a real revolution. This is a unique solution for ...

Emotions in poker: how to recognize and successfully deal with tilt
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Tilt in poker is one of the main reasons for the big losses at the tables. Novice players are easily influenced by negative emotions, ...

Poker alphabet: what are the benefits of an ABC strategy?
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Every beginner who is just starting to play poker is very attracted to the ABC strategy. What is the advantage of using this game ...

What is bluffing and how to correctly use it in poker?
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Bluffing in poker is a special technique at the gaming table when one player forces another to exit the game. It is based on a peculiar ...

How to start playing poker - training
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

School of Poker is a necessary stage in a career for every novice player. It is at the beginning of the path that you should familiarize yourself with the main ...

How to learn to play poker: basic steps for beginners
Poker strategies and rules   ·     ·    0

Learning poker is not as easy as it sounds. Every beginner needs to learn a lot of rules in order to safely ...

Pik'em Poker: New Game Format on 888 Poker Online Platform
Poker news   ·     ·    0

According to many experts from the world of the gaming business, at the moment, 888 Holdings is confidently departing from its main competitors in ...

Badugi Poker Rules
Poker rules   ·     ·    0

If you’re already tired of such standard types of poker as Texas Hold'em and Omaha, Seven Card Stud or Razz, and you want new ...

Omaha Poker Rules
Poker rules   ·     ·    0

If you're tired of playing Texas Hold'em and want to try something new, then it's time to learn the rules of Omaha - the second ...

Unique Promotion for Cowboys at 888 Poker
Poker news   ·     ·    0

The 888 Poker online poker platform often hosts themed events and promotions to attract professional and beginners ...

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