The 888 Poker online poker platform often hosts themed events and promotions to attract professional and novice poker players. This time, users are invited to plunge into the world of this Wild West and participate in special tournament competitions with guaranteed prizes of up to 20 thousand dollars. Moreover, such tournaments will be held on the site twice a day.

This promotion is a large complex of many tournaments, which are united by one common concept and are called "Wild Hunt". Players are invited to take part in these competitions and make a "raid" for the most important prize - 20 thousand dollars!

They will be randomly played during poker tournaments as part of one large Wild Surprise event, which will be held until December 4 twice daily, with the first tournaments starting at 20:15 and the second at 23:15 Moscow time.

Players who enter the tournament will not know for sure which prize pool will be played until the very start of the competition. In any case, the guarantees will not be less than $ 2,000. Such a secret about prize pools will keep players tense up to the very beginning of tournament competitions.

Moreover, sometimes a certain amount of up to 18 thousand dollars will be added to the main prize fund, and it will also be unknown to the players in advance. So, for example, with a probability of 29 percent, 3,000 dollars will be added, and with a probability of 25 percent - 3 and a half thousand dollars. In the 21st percent of cases, the additional amount will be six thousand dollars, and in 18 percent of the cases - ten thousand. The largest additional amount of $ 20 thousand will be added to the prize fund in seven percent of cases.

How to enter tournament competitions?

Participation in these competitions must be earned with their professional game on the 888 Poker online platform, and each player can receive two free tickets per day for tournaments if he fulfills the following conditions:

  • Will be able to win at least ten distributions in classic cash games during the day, playing at the same time in NL Holdem, NL5 and similar parties, where at least four participants will be present at the table;
  • A player can also buy buy-ins to participate in other tournament competitions, while spending at least eight dollars, and you can also play in BLAST mode;
  • Fans of casinos on the 888 Poker platform can make bets 10 times, which must start from one dollar.

By fulfilling one of these conditions, 888 Poker users will have the opportunity to “hunt” for a valuable random prize of up to $ 20 thousand during special cowboy tournaments.