On the site of the popular poker operator PokerDom, in late August, a special promotion called “Quick Money” starts. As part of the special offer, ratings for Spins will be organized every day with prize money of 13 thousand rubles. Also, players who manage to collect the necessary combinations while playing at the cash tables will receive additional bonuses.

In addition, the poker room loyalty system has undergone major changes, resulting in six new instant bonuses of up to one hundred thousand rubles.

Special offer "Fast money"

Between August 26 and September 1, a special offer will be valid for all players at the site of the poker operator PokerDom. The promotion will be valid for Windfall Spins with a buy-in from 100 rubles. All participants in such games will be able to fight daily for a total prize pool of fifty thousand rubles. There are 15 prizes, and prize points will be awarded for participating in the games. For winning games, 30% will receive more prize points, except for games with a buy-in of 100 rubles.

Winfall Spins winners table in the Fast Money promotion:

Winfall Spins winners table in the Fast Money promotion

Winfall Spins prize points accrual table in the Fast Money promotion:

Winfall Spins prize points accrual table in the Fast Money promotion

It is worth noting that currently the most popular among poker room players Poker house use Spins with buy-in up to a thousand rubles.

For NHL tables with blinds starting at 5/10 rubles, bonuses for collecting four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush are provided as part of a special offer. In addition, in the Spins and at the cash tables poker operator Pokerdom offers several additional jackpots at once.

New instant bonuses up to 100 thousand rubles

Due to the transition of the poker operator to the updated format of the loyalty system, new types of instant bonuses for players can regularly appear on its site. From summer to the end of this year, the poker room offers its players a unique instant bonus, consisting of six special levels. To activate each level, the player must enter a special promotional code. The best option would be to activate the promotional code of a special level of instant bonus at the end of the week, because by then the player can rise to a new level and get more money.

Instant Bonus Size Chart:

Instant Bonus Size Chart