Partypoker poker room users can take part in a special promotion called SPINS Storm.

In these fast tournament games, prizes are randomly selected before each new game, and for a very small entry fee, players can take part in the struggle for really big wins in the 3-max format. 

Starting from November 4 and ending November 30, a special series of SPINS leaderboards and freerolls will be organized here with a total guaranteed fund of 500 thousand dollars, which the tournament participants will play as prize money.



Here you just need to get special points while playing in the backs, for which you can later win new tickets for backs that cost up to $ 250.

At the same time, three different leaderboards are immediately available for selection: with small, medium and large limits. The results will be announced on Mondays, Wednesdays, and also on Fridays until the end of this promotion.

Leaderboards will last four hours, starting at 8 am GMT and ending at 12 noon GMT. Tickets for participating in new spins will be awarded to players who will be able to receive prizes in accordance with the following places.

In a small rating (backs for 25 cents - 3 dollars) you can win:

  • For the first place a ticket for $ 100;
  • For the second place ticket for $ 50;
  • For third place a ticket for $ 20;
  • For 4-7 places tickets for 10 dollars;
  • For 8-15 seats tickets for $ 5.

In the average rating (tickets for 5-20 dollars) you can win:

  • For 1-3 places tickets for $ 250;
  • For 4-10 places tickets for $ 100;
  • For 11-21 seats tickets for $ 50.

In a rating with high stakes (tickets for $ 50 and more) you can win:

  • For 1-10 places tickets for $ 250;
  • For 11-20 places tickets for $ 100;
  • For 21-30 seats tickets for $ 50.


PartyPoker Freerolls.

Every week on Saturdays freerolls with funds of 10 thousand dollars will be organized, and they will begin at 17:00 GMT.

To qualify for this game, you just need to take part in three spins during the week. Prizes here are set up to $ 250, and they will be distributed as follows:

  • For 1-10 places you can win tickets for $ 250;
  • For 11-30 places you can win tickets for $ 100;
  • For 31-55 places you can win tickets for 50 dollars;
  • For 56-105 places you can win tickets for $ 20;
  • For 106-205 places you can win tickets for 10 dollars;
  • For $ 206-405 you can win tickets for $ 5;
  • For 406-655 places you can win tickets for 3 dollars;
  • For 656-1155 places you can win tickets for 1 dollar.

We can say that now is really the best period to participate in new spins, because within 27 days in this fast mode you can get additional prizes totaling $ 500 thousand.

Rules for a new promotion

The final information about how the prizes in the leaderboards will be distributed in the end will be published a day after the action itself ends. Leaderboards apply only to those games that will be held within the established 4 hours. In their game client, each user can see the current results for these leaderboards.

However, the room partypoker recalls that specifically the responsibility of the room includes only the movement of prize packages between balances, but the room cannot control the movement of this money between balances if one user transfers them to another player. This means that if users send money instead of prize packages to other players, they make these transfers purely on their own responsibility.

The partypoker room also has the ability to edit or supplement the established rules for holding this promotion at any time.