School of Poker is a necessary stage in a career for every novice player. It is at the beginning of the path that you should familiarize yourself with the main features of the game in order to start a career without monetary loss.

In this article we will tell you about what you need to know in the first stages of the game. Let's get started!

Learning terms and notation

Of course, in order to get acquainted with the rules themselves, you should study the basic terminology of poker. In fact, there is not much information. To begin, we recommend that you remember what the following words mean:

  • A raise is a raise during a game;
  • Bet - normal rate;
  • A check is simply a desire to continue the game without promotion;
  • Fold - fold of a hand;
  • A hand is cards that were dealt to you at the beginning of the game;
  • Buy-in is the initial deposit required to start a game or tournament;
  • Blinds - initial blind bets that are played by two players before receiving cards;
  • Bankroll - the amount of money (which can be expressed in chips) that a particular player has at the table;
  • Cashout - withdrawing money from your account, or withdrawing funds from a specific poker game.

Of course, this is not all the terms. But all these words will become almost family for you after several days of playing poker.

We study the power of hands

Poker Combinations

The next important point is to remember all poker combinations. After all, every time you can’t compare with Google. This will take a lot of time and attention.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to hand strength when playing with a 52-card deck.

As a rule, for all types of poker combinations have the same gradation (only in some of them the hierarchy of hands can be turned from smaller to larger).

The strongest hand in classic poker is Royal Flush. This is an ace, king, queen, jack and ten of the same suit. A similar hand is very rare. The weakest combination is just the highest card. She has virtually no power at the table.

Getting to know the different types of poker

Well, now it’s worth taking the time to study the types of poker itself. Now there are a lot of them and each of them has its own rules.

We still recommend starting with the most popular variation - Texas Hold'em. Since almost all major tournaments, and even simple cash games, in the rooms are held just for him.

Later, you can begin to familiarize yourself with the rules of other poker games: Omaha, Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud, Badugi, Chinese poker and many other poker disciplines.

Note that you can be a successful player in Omaha, but not win a cent in Hold'em. Therefore, you should study as many types of games as possible in order to choose the most profitable specifically in your case.

Get basic strategy knowledge

Great, now you can move on to learning strategies and tactics. To do this, you can use various sources of information:

  • Online streams of professional players;
  • Reading specialized literature;
  • Work with trainers;
  • Educational articles, materials, and more.

You will be able to understand the basic behaviors at the table: this will help both improve your level and begin to distinguish between the strategies of the opponents' game.

Well, the School of Poker is the most important stage for any poker player. We hope that you will not spare time for training. After all, it is it that is the key to success in a poker career. Good luck