Learning poker is not as easy as it sounds. Every beginner needs to learn a lot of rules in order to safely start a poker career. Otherwise, in the initial stages you can lose a lot of money.

Extra spending can be avoided if you learn at least the following skills:

  • Understand poker terminology;
  • Learn the combinations in the game;
  • Decide on the type of poker;
  • Learn strategies for a full career.

Now more about each of the items.


The first thing to do is to learn the basic terms. Indeed, without this, you simply cannot learn the rules and features of the game themselves.

In fact, the variety of terms is not so great: you can find 2-3 dozens of unique unfamiliar words. Here are just a few of them:

  • Call - maintaining a bet that was made before you;
  • Raise - raising the bid during a round of bidding;
  • The blind is a blind bet made by two players at the table;
  • Fold - folds the hand and exits the hand;
  • Bankroll - the amount of money in the hands of a particular poker player;
  • Check - move to the next stage of distribution without the desire to raise the bet;
  • All-in - maximum bet per player. He puts all his bankroll;
  • Hand - cards that were issued to the player at the beginning of the deal.

And this, of course, is far from all the terms that everyone should learn. If you play poker for at least a few days, most of these words will become recognizable.


The next step is to study the basic poker combinations. There are a lot of them, but they are all easy to remember. It will take some time to remember their seniority.

As a rule, all types of poker use the same gradation of combinations (although in some games the youngest combination becomes the most winning).

Poker Combinations

Knowing the seniority of combinations and cards is a must. It will not work, each distribution is verified with external sources - the mind should automatically calculate the chances of receiving a particular card for a favorable outcome. But this level of calculation will come a little later, when the poker player gets the proper experience.

Choosing a Poker Type

Now on the Internet and offline they play various poker variations of distributions. The most popular poker game is Texas Holdem. Also, quite a lot of people prefer to play Omaha.

However, there is a wider selection of tables: 7Stad, 5Stad, Badugi, Chinese poker (Pineapple) and many other disciplines.

We recommend that you start with the classic Texas Hold'em, and then proceed with exploring other types of games. Getting the initial experience is easiest in this variation of poker.

Studying poker strategies

Poker Strategies

Now you have to deepen your knowledge of the game. When you have chosen a type of poker, study its rules. It’s better to start with a few games on conditional chips. After that, you can begin to study strategies - there are a lot of them in poker. But where to look for information about them?

Now all the background information is on the Internet: you can read educational articles, watch videos on Youtube, watch the game of professionals through streams. There are quite a few books in Russian that will help you master the basic strategies.

Teaching poker is a time-consuming and exciting process. We recommend that you start learning this game as soon as possible in order to get good income and thousands of hours of poker fun!