We will tell you about what a PokerOK mirror is, where to find it and how to use it in this article. 

Many users face certain restrictions when launching the site. In some CIS countries, game resources are blocked, so in order to continue to play your favorite games without hindrance, you need to use one of the methods to bypass the blockages. The most convenient and understandable of them is the mirror site. 

What is PokerOk Mirror?

Mirror poker site

On the territory of Russia and some CIS countries, there are restrictions on the conduct of any gaming activity. Online poker sites fit into this category. The provider restricts access to the site, and because of this, you cannot open it. 

This is where the mirror comes into play. The mirror is an exact copy of the official website ggpokerok.su with certain characters or numbers appended to the link to bypass the blocking. All content and functionality are identical, only the name in the address bar is different. Let's take a closer look at the main qualities of a mirror site:

  • All content, appearance and functions are identical to the main site. You can safely go through the registration procedure and perform all the same actions as on the main site.
  • The link to the site is distinguished by some symbols or numbers.
  • The mirror site is available to all players and from any device.
  • All software is available on the download mirror site, for example: client, mobile application, etc.

Mirror PokerOk - instructions

GGPokerOK mirror instructions

To start playing at GGPokerOk and bypass the provider's blocking, use the following instructions:

  1. Enter the official site-mirror of the room;
  2. Log in or register if you do not have an active account yet;
  3. After completing the registration procedure, proceed to download the client or mobile application. This can be done by clicking on the "Download client" button;
  4. Wait until the client is fully loaded, install it and run it by entering your username and password;
  5. After authorization, you can start playing poker without restrictions! 

Where can I find a link to the PokerOk mirror?

Of course, a mirror site cannot live forever either. On average, the duration of its operation is 3-4 months, since Roskomnadzor, in the end, detects these sites and also blocks them. That is why it is so important to always know where to look for the current link to a working mirror. You can always take the link:

  • Here on this site. You can be sure that our link is always up-to-date, as we regularly monitor the situation;
  • Directly at the support of the room, although the answer will have to wait a couple of days.

Be careful not to search for links to mirrors through a search engine, as scammers will take advantage of this to steal your personal data or infect your computer with malware. Therefore, it is better to take a link to a mirror from trusted sources. 

How else can you bypass the block?

Blocking on Poker

The mirror, although the most convenient and fastest way to bypass the blockage, is far from the only one. If for some reason you cannot use the mirror, then you can always turn to one of the following methods: 

  • VPN software - connections. A fairly common way to deal with blocking. You need to download a program that will change your IP address and present you as a user from another country. In principle, quite convenient, although it can slow down your Internet connection. 
  • VPN - browser extensions. The principle of operation is similar, only you do not need to download the program. You can find everything directly in the browser store. The most popular extensions are Hola VPN, Hotspot Shield, Zenmate and others. The disadvantage is identical - an unstable Internet connection. 
  • Turbo mode. A special connection mode in Yandex, Chrome and Opera browsers, which only allows you to broadcast the site to your monitor, but it opens, in fact, on the browser server, and not on your computer. Allows you to easily bypass any blockages.
  • Anonymizers. Special sites created to open blocked links. The speed of work is even lower than with a VPN, so any download through them is a complete hassle.
  • Tor browser. A dedicated browser that hides your real IP address. Available only for pc and greatly reduces the speed of your internet and processor. 

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to bypass the blocking of the official website, but the mirror PokerOk, without a doubt, is the most understandable, convenient and accessible for everyone.