Real reviews of GGPokerOk will shed light on the features of the game in one of the most popular Asian rooms. From the review, you will learn about its pros and cons, the quality of the software, the procedure for withdrawing winnings, etc.

Why do players like PokerOK?

Taking into account the reviews of real players registered with GGPokerOk, there are several advantages of the Asian room:

  • High traffic;
  • Large selection of games and tournaments;
  • Constant promotions and bonuses;
  • Weak playing field.

According to regulars, the level of players at PokerOK is significantly lower than in other well-known online rooms. Therefore, here you can earn real money from visitors from Asia, many of whom do not know a single poker strategy.

Feedback from players about the strength of the playing field at GGPokerOk:

  1. fast_player_1111: In my opinion, PokerOK is the best place for beginner poker players. Sharks are rare here, but there are at least 2-3 fish on the table. And if you start the game with micro-stakes, you may even forget about meeting with professional regs.
  2. poker-pro_Billy: I've been playing PokerOK for over 2 years. So far, I'm not going to change the site. Here I am satisfied with the strength of the field and the attitude of the administration towards the players. Yes, so far poker has not turned into a main source of income for me, but 300-350$ are constantly dripping into the account per month.
Satisfied players at PokerOK

Negative reviews about GGPokerOK

On specialized forums you can meet poker players who are not satisfied with the conditions of the game in the room of the GGNetwork:

  1. Royal-Flush9970: In general, it is possible to play at GGPokerOk, and even very profitable. But I am definitely not satisfied with the slowness of the poker client's work, the lengthy processing of requests for a cashout. Once, the money goes to the bank card a week after the execution of the money transaction.
  2. LuckyStraightGo: I registered at PokerOK only because they were giving away no deposit at 11$. But this was enough for me to draw conclusions about the features of the room. Personally, I didn't like the design of the game client. Yes, there are no perfect rooms, I understand. But when you play MTT for hours, you want to see a nice picture, but here the variegated colors just eat out your eyes.
Reviews about PokerOK

Players' opinion on the work of the RNG

The work of the random number generator (RNG) is topic number 1, which is constantly discussed by players on poker forums:

  1. 6old-player6: I have been playing GGPokerOK for 5 years already, during this time it never even occurred to me that RNGs are being tweaked here. Therefore, I appeal to those who are especially perspicacious - if you are sometimes moved on the river with a monster, this does not mean a worldwide conspiracy.
  2. Arthur_ZZ: In GGPokerOk, the RNG is normal, really checked. And since I tried to play in dozens of poker rooms, I can safely say that they all use approximately the same programs. Personally, I don't feel like I'm being warmed up here.

Feedback from players about cashout

Withdrawal of winnings is one of the burning topics that is hotly discussed by both professional gamblers and beginners. Usually it is rarely covered in poker room reviews, but regulars have their own opinion about cashouts at PokerOK:

  1. AdreanoLawrence: Oh, I often come across reviews that write about the incredibly delayed processing of cashout requests. I don’t know what payment instruments other players use, I withdraw the winnings to a plastic card. And usually the cash falls to the account within 1-2 days. Only the first time, the process took about a week, but it did not repeat itself anymore.
  2. Meha-take: Many people cry that GGPokerOK is in trouble with cashouts, but I don't have any problems. As practice shows, payments to Neteller and Skrill go very quickly - no more than 1-2 days.
  3. Samurai- Cao: The terms of withdrawing money from GGPokerOk do not differ from those in other poker rooms. I've tried playing in different places, but here I like it better. Firstly, the cashout takes no more than 3 days, and secondly, there are many laymen here who can really earn money.

After analyzing the reviews GGPokerOk, you will be able to give a real assessment of the features of the game in the room and decide whether it is worth registering in it.