High cashback at PokerDom is one of the most advantageous offers of the Russian poker room. The loyalty program was recently updated, so now players can count on fixed bonuses. The value of the prizes depends on the level in the VIP system. And the higher it is, the more the player returns the percentage of rake.

What changes have occurred in the loyalty program?

Loyalty program at PokerDom

Freebie is an updated loyalty program from PokerDom, according to which players receive a fixed amount of money. Every Monday, the room calculates the total number of points that players have accumulated during the last week. And if earlier the value of a gift depended on the percentage of rakeback, now visitors are entitled to 2 types of cash bonuses:

  1. Instant. Gift money can be used by visitors at their own discretion. The money is suitable for betting in cash games, paying for buy-in in tournaments and withdrawing to an electronic wallet or bank card.
  2. Deferred. To be credited to the account, the bonus is laundered for loyalty points. The player has 1 week to launder the gift.

For every 1 ruble of rake, the player receives 1 point. You can monitor the status of your bonus account in your personal account by logging into the poker client. In this case, the counter is reset to zero every week - on the night from Sunday to Monday. After that, a new week of rake race begins.

Bonuses in the "Freebie" program

Freebies at PokerDom

PokerDom has a multi-level loyalty program that consists of 100 levels. Gifts are awarded starting from the 2nd level. For moving from level 2 to level 3, you receive an instant bonus. But deferred gifts are credited from the 3rd level.

Features of the "Freebie" program:

  • To wager 1 RUB you need to get 1 point;
  • For 1 RUB of the accumulated commission, the player is awarded 1 point.

Let's say that when you move from one level to another, you receive 1,000 RUB of a deferred bonus. To launder it, you need to generate a rake in the amount of 1,000 RUB within 1 week. Let's consider the operation of the system using an example:

  • For 1 gaming week, you have accumulated 10,000 points;
  • At the end of the week, you get 220 rubles of an instant bonus;
  • Another 1,000 RUB will have to be laundered per rake within 7 days.

Participation in the "Freebie" program brings not only cash gifts, but also tickets to Windfall. Each time a player reaches a new level in the VIP system, he receives an invitation to the tournament, which has a number of features:

  • The format of the competition is lottery;
  • The prize fund is randomly determined;
  • The potential prize can be 1,000,000 RUB.

Additional terms of the loyalty program

If you are actively playing at cash tables, then participation in the Freebie program will allow you to regularly receive nice gifts. All its participants should be aware of additional rules:

  1. Loyalty points are awarded only for playing poker, so money spent on casino bets is not counted;
  2. To reach new levels in the VIP system as soon as possible, it is recommended to participate in games at tables with a higher rake;
  3. If within a week you do not have time to move to a new level, you will receive gifts corresponding to your current status;
  4. At the end of each week, bonus points expire, so the counter is reset to zero.

The maximum cashback level at PokerDom is 50%. If you compare its conditions with those in other rooms, here you can count on the most generous bonuses.

Answers to popular questions from visitors

If you still have questions regarding the rakeback system at PokerDom, check out the answers to the most common ones:

  1. Will I receive a bonus when playing from the PokerDom mirror? Oh sure. Mirror is a backup site of the room, which has all the same features as the older "brother".
  2. Can bonuses be cashed out? Instant bonuses can be withdrawn immediately, while deferred bonuses are first laundered for the generated rake.
  3. How to register in the Freebie program? To participate in the loyalty program, you do not need to use promotional codes. After registering in the room, you automatically become a member.

If you want to get high cashback in Poker house, then create a game profile, participate in cash games and get nice bonuses!