Mirror PokerDom is a virtual duplicate of the official site of the poker room with a unique url. It is used when Roskomnadzor detects and blocks the main portal. The backup site has the same design and capabilities as the older "brother".

Why is PokerDom blocked?

Site relevance at PokerDom

In 2009, poker lost its status as a sports game, so Roskomnadzor opened a hunt for gambling sites. Not only PokerDom got into the black list of Russian providers, but also other rooms with gambling.

Poker has become the main target of the RKN for several reasons:

  • The owners of poker rooms do not make contributions to the state treasury, so gambling sites are simply disadvantages for Russia;
  • The game is not for "candy wrappers" becomes the reason for the outflow of funds from the internal circulation of the Russian Federation;
  • The winnings of professional poker players are not taxed, so the country cannot claim at least some deductions to the pension fund.

Is it legal to play poker?

Some players mistakenly believe that the game of poker is contrary to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In reality, only gambling sites are banned, and not the very fact of gambling. Russian citizens can legally create gambling accounts, place bets in national or other currencies.

If you still have questions regarding the legal side of the issue, please contact PokerDom support at [email protected]

Working mirrors PokerDom

Working mirrors at PokerDom

The mirror is a twin-portal of PokerDom with a unique Internet address. It was created on the basis of the same program code that was used in the development of the official site of the room. This means that the mirror is an exact copy of it.

If the main site of PokerDom is blocked, the player can visit its mirror. It is suitable for:

  • Creating a gaming profile;
  • Communication with technical support operators;
  • Account replenishment;
  • Registration in the tournament;
  • Downloading poker software;
  • Creation of applications for withdrawal of winnings;
  • Passing the profile verification procedure;
  • Acquaintance with current news.

Copy sites are of great benefit not only to poker players, but also to the owners of the room. Uninterrupted operation of PokerDom provides players with round-the-clock access to the game, and the management - a stable income.

Benefits of PokerDom working mirrors

There are also alternative ways to bypass the RKN blocking - third-party services and clients for changing the IP address. But in comparison with them, PokerDom mirror has many advantages:

  • Does not reduce the data transfer rate;
  • Provides free access to site resources;
  • Eliminates the risk of leaving the lobby when playing poker through a browser.

Some types of auxiliary software slow down the data transfer rate. Therefore, the risk of disconnection when using the Flash version of PokerDom increases. To avoid problems, players are forced to use paid VPNs.

How to find the current PokerDom mirror?

The administration of the poker room does not advise looking for copy sites through search engines. Not all the mirrors presented on the Web belong to the PokerDom management. Visiting fraudulent sites is fraught with:

  • PC infection with malware;
  • Leakage of personal information;
  • Withdrawing money from the gaming account.

To avoid problems, look for mirrors on the sites of the official PokerDom partners. You can always get a link to working copy portals from us. You can also contact the technical support of the room for help.

Pokerniydom.ru - 100% working mirror

Entering the copy site is as easy as entering the official page of the poker room:

  1. Clear your temporary browser files. If you are using Google Chrome, hold down 2 keys - Ctrl + H. In the window that appears, click on the "Delete data" button.
  2. Go to the PokerDom mirror.
  3. If you don't have an account, click on the "Register" button. If you need access to the software, click on the Download button to install the poker client.

Mirror Poker house - one of the simplest and safest ways to bypass the ILV blocking, which does not require you to install additional software.