Can i play poker perfect? This question is asked by many beginner (and not only) players, because at first it seems that poker is a strange game, which is pretty easy to win.

Starting to play poker, you understand its nuances, learn strategies, and then begin to lose in many games in a row. Because poker, in reality, is not an easy game. You can learn the rules of the game from cover to cover, learn some working tricks, but this will not ensure you success at the poker table.

The more you play, the more players you meet at the table, the clearer you understand that mastering poker is not easy at all. But this is exactly what poker players can strive for by improving their playing skills, isn't it?

What is the perfect game?

Well, imagine an exemplary poker player with the perfect poker game. You probably thought about the pros, about top players who are immersed in their professional routine. But she doesn’t win all the time either.

Two questions about the perfect poker game to answer:

  • What it is?
  • And who achieved the skill that his game was called perfect?

And, in reality, answering these two questions is not so simple, and the usual “yes” or “no” is not enough.

So, the perfect poker game is a game that ensures that you win, regardless of whether you got weak cards or not. But in this case, to win is to maximize your result at the table. That is, do not collect the best combination and pick up the bank, but use the available cards in the best way.

Let's look at an example. You got 2 weak cards on hand. On the one hand, a good decision would be to immediately throw them into the pass and not spend extra money. But on the other hand, you can start bluffing and try to win the hand by throwing your opponents out of the table. An aggressive player would do so, while a passive player would save money in anticipation of a good card.

It would seem that saving money would be ideal in any situation, because you will not suffer any losses. But the best result would be to play your cards correctly and pick up the pot.

Thus, the only way to maximize your income is to know what to do, no matter what cards you play with.

How to improve your poker game?

Only through hard work. There is no magic book or article in the world, after reading which you will understand how to become an exemplary player in a matter of days.

Studying strategies and specific game situations, playing styles of opponents, the probability of losing cards, hand odds - only in-depth knowledge about these and other aspects of the game will help you achieve the perfect poker game.

And the way that will help to get this knowledge and, most importantly, to master it is to play many, many games, to find out what is happening at the poker table. The more hours you spend playing poker tournaments and cash games (or just watching them), the better your game will become.

We are confident that becoming an ideal player is almost impossible, although some have set themselves such a goal. But playing a lot, you can become a better player, and thus increase your income from poker.

The ability to calculate odds in poker will be one of your main allies in the quest to achieve better results. Do not neglect this aspect of the game, as knowing the odds will affect your decisions at the table, and therefore the outcome of the game. The more you know about the cards and the odds offered, the more likely you are to win and dominate the table.

All this will come through practice. It is she who makes the game more and more perfect.

Perfect player exists

Well, a really perfect poker player already exists. Several computers were created, one of which is called “Cepheus” and it is he who can defeat anyone in the game face to face.

Computers are smarter than us - this is reality. They store more information and get access to it in literally milliseconds.

Cepheus is the perfect and undefeated player. But didn’t they talk about the Deep Blue chess game program? They said, but in the end she was defeated by a man.

There is a great chance that someone of their best poker players will be able to defeat the computer sooner or later. Yes, for sure, there will be more than one obstacle in the path of this player, and the path itself will take a lot of time. But this does not mean that the program will remain invincible.

As we already said, it will take time to overcome and study all the necessary aspects of the game. After all, the more a person puts his knowledge into practice, the better he becomes over time. Do you think all were born champions?

Perfect poker math skills

Some players are born with a great predisposition to mathematics and logic, but poker is more than just these two sciences. This is partly intuition and partly luck: during the game you will constantly feel that you are in a new situation. And thanks to this, you will learn something new that will help you in the future.

Often poker does not seem like a complicated game, especially in theory. But when a player decides to take it seriously, he realizes that she is completely incomprehensible and simple, as expected at first glance.

The game is hard and tough. But then she begins to bring income to those who have spent a lot of time practicing and improving their game.

So far, the ideal player has not met us, but this does not mean that we cannot learn how to maximize our profits - with the ideal poker game for specific situations.