According to many experts from the world of the gaming business, at the moment, 888 Holdings is confidently stepping back from its main competitors in the ranking of the best gaming operators and is losing profit. But at the same time, the company’s management is not going to give up just like that: first they announced a big update to their game client, which will now be called “Poker 8”, and now they also know the development of a unique game format called Pik'em Poker.

The first news about its creation became known after a recent closed meeting of investors, which are part of 888 Holdings. There was a lot of talk about it, the general director of operations within the company, Itai Pazner, especially emphasizing the absolute uniqueness of a new product that could change the balance of power within the poker industry.

True, neither the media, nor the active users of 888 Poker still know anything about what exactly Pik'em Poker will be. In a way, this opens up a wide area for all kinds of guesswork and theories from fans. At the moment, we only know specifically about the name of the new product, but it can also tell us something about what exactly the 888 Poker audience wants to present.

What rules can the new format have?

First of all, you need to understand the current trends and trends in which most new products in the poker industry are developing. Most likely, the new format will provide for the possibility of holding cash games with Hold'em without limits. The possible connection of tournament competitions should also be added here.

Most likely, during the game, participants will need to make their choice from two different card sets, which will appear to them at the start, and with which they can continue to draw. Here you can also recall the special rules of the so-called “Irish poker”, when a player chooses at the start two of the four available pocket cards. Previously, a similar format was available to users of the poker operator Full Tilt Poker, but subsequently it was bought by PokerStars.

Other 888 Poker users believe that the format will be more of a gambling casino game similar to Pick'em Poker, which is presented by Playtech, which also owns a large iPoker gaming network. Here, at the beginning of the game, participants received two cards, as well as two special card sets, each of which had three cards. The player had to guess in which set the best cards were hiding to form the strongest combination possible.

Other 888 Poker Updated Products

In addition to the two latest news with the improvement of its game client and the addition of a unique format, the company also announced the launch of special tournaments of the Progressive Knockout series. They are arranged almost in the same way as standard tournament competitions, but here participants receive special points for “knocking out” their opponents. It is worth noting that for 888 poker this is the first experience of launching this kind of competition.

To introduce players to competitions in this format, a special tournament line “God of the Arena” was launched, where players were able to take part in tournaments like PKO. They were held from October 11 to October 14, 2018, and the prize pool here amounted to one million dollars.


You may notice that the management of 888 Poker begins to "recover" after a sharp drop in the income of its company and tries to offer special measures that should save the situation. Perhaps such activity will help them gain a foothold in their previous places in the ranking of the best poker operators. News about the full upgrade of the game client has not yet subsided, but players will be able to evaluate it only at the end of the year. By the way, with the landmark Black Friday update for 888 Poker, this will be the second equally serious and large-scale change in the development of the company.