GGPokerOK freerolls are in great demand among novice players. There is no need to pay a buy-in to participate in a poker event, so there are many who want to compete for the guaranteed prize. And if you want to quickly put together a bankroll, then participate in competitions without a mandatory fee!

Types of freerolls at GGPoker

All about freerolls at GGPoker

More than 2/3 of the freerolls in the Asian room are held in Texas Hold'em, because this is the most popular type of poker. These types of events can actually win money, valuable prizes or tickets to prestigious poker events.

By their availability, freerolls are divided into:

  1. Open - competitions in which any visitor to PokerOK can register. To compete for a prize, you do not need to fulfill any conditions - to search for passwords, climb the “ladder” in the loyalty program, create deposits, etc. The prize pool in open events is small and there are many participants.
  2. Private (closed). Only those players who have a special password, invitation card, VIP status in the loyalty program, register using the referral link of the partner site, etc. take part in such events. There are few poker players participating in tournaments, but the prize money is much higher than in open competitions.

Freerolls are the optimal tournament format for beginner players who do not want to invest in the game and risk their personal money yet. Winning them brings little money, but it’s enough to pay for buy-ins in events with much more serious guarantees.

How to find a freeroll at PokerOK?

What are the freerolls GGPokerOK

GGPokerOK has a well-thought-out filter system that will allow you to quickly sort tournaments. To search for competitions with free registration you need:

  1. Log in to the PokerOK game client;
  2. Log in to the system;
  3. Click on the "Tournaments" tab;
  4. Click on the "Buy-in" column at the top;
  5. Choose to sort from lowest to highest.

After turning on the filter, all available freerolls will be displayed at the top of the tournament bracket. To take part in one of them, just click on the red "Register" button after highlighting the line with the required event.

Free tournament schedule and passwords

The private freerolls are of the greatest interest to players, because winning them promises a lot of money. To get to such an event, you need to get a password. This can be achieved in several ways:

  1. On the site. Passwords for participation in the most prestigious freerolls are often published on the poker room website. So if the tournament is timed to coincide with a holiday or birthday of GGPokerOK, dive there.
  2. On social media pages. There are official pages of the room on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social networks. They often contain passwords to participate in private freerolls. But in 80% cases, they are published shortly before the start of the competition.
  3. By e-mail. Sometimes the administration of the room sends passwords by e-mail. And if you do not want to miss the chance to participate in the tournament for free, check our e-mail more often.

And if you want to take part in private events, then subscribe to the pages of the room on social networks.

Most popular freerolls

Competitions without a mandatory fee are constantly organized at GGPokerOK. That is why the Asian room boasts the largest influx of unique visitors. The most popular free events on the poker room include:

  1. Lebronka TV Freeroll is an event organized by poker pro Leonid Logunov. Tournament with a guarantee of $ 25 starts on Sundays at 18:00 Moscow time.
  2. The Saturday Depositors Freeroll is a $ 200 Saturday Depositors Tournament that kicks off at 8:00 PM ET.
  3. Mission Complete is a lucrative rookie offer that rewards players with a ticket to the $ 5,000 Mission Complete tournament when they complete 5 missions per week.

Freerolls GGPokerOK - the best offer for inexperienced players who want to start playing for money without material investment!